Wayne and O’Hara signed a book of Thomas’ poetry?

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You can file this under random.  I’m not sure exactly of the story but John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, and Ward Bond  signed a book of Poems by Thomas MacDonagh while they  were filming The Quiet Man. The book was later presented to the MacDonagh family. I believe the filming was in in Cloughjordan.

John Ford directed The Quiet Man and I was in hopes of finding his signature, if I could this may not be totally random. John Ford’s parents, father from Spidal and mother from the Aran Islands, immigrated to the America settling in the state of Maine in the 1870s. In addition John Ford made the film adaption of  Plough and Stars, a play about Easter 1916 and the role of a regular solider. He obviously knew a great deal about the history of his parents homeland.   I haven’t found the signature though.