The Literature

Literature was an integral part of Thomas’ life.  It was his method to communicate his ideas, on all manner of subjects, among them an independent Ireland. In his life he wrote 3 plays, a number of books of poetry, and regularly contributed  to the Irish Review. It was also literature which he taught with passion.

When the Dawn Is Come was Thomas’ first play performed at the Abbey in 1908. When the Dawn Is Come is a drama centered around a fight for an independent Ireland.  Metempsychosis (1912) a satirical parody of his friend, Yates. Pagans was his third play performed by Edward Martyn’s Irish Theater in 1915.

Thomas could not stop writing poetry, it was his passion.  His first book of poetry Through the Ivory Gate was published in 1902. He would continue to write all his life, The Poetical Works of Thomas MacDonagh  and Literature In Ireland were published posthumously.

Below is a list of works and links to most. If you have links to either the work on line or to a where it can be obtained please contribute.


Poem Hunter has a ton of Thomas work. Check it out here.